Thursday, May 1, 2014

Wowmeh - New, Fitted Mesh Body & Fashionlicious

Hello Soon to Look Even Better Women!

If you haven't heard yet or if you're wondering whether to get it, there is a new mesh body on the marketplace.  WowMeh V2.6 is a headless body (so you don't need a mesh head if you don't want one).  You can can wear your regular skin, and shape with this!  You can get a demo version to try here.  I dropped by a friend's house and she immediately knew I was wearing a fitted mesh body because that part rezzed right away.

Because this is fitted mesh (formerly called liquid mesh), you can modify your shape how you want and it will adjust.  Think of it as wearing stretch pants lol.  If you gain 5 pounds, they still fit.  The hud is easy to use and I did a pretty good job matching the skin tone of my head with the rest of it.  You can see on my neck, in the photo below (top, right), it's not perfect.  I didn't mess with it too much, but you can use your own RGB values and customize it if you want.  What's so great about this?   It gives your body a smooth, seamless look.  No seams from mesh breasts or butts to hide because you won't need to use them.  Also, no more odd looking angles in your elbows, knees, or other parts, when using certain poses, because it's all one piece. 

If you look closely at the pics below, you'll see what I mean.  In the top "Regular Shape,"  look at the left shoulder, under the breasts, the waist, and where the left thigh meets the pubic area.  Much more realistic with Wowmeh.

Regular Shape

Regular Shape
The downside - simply that we've all spent tons on Lolas, Phat Azz, and the like already, as well as on skin and clothes appliers.  However, you can make a lot of your current mesh clothing fit, if you use the alpha option in the hud.  This lets you hide whatever area you need to. Skin and clothing designers are already making the appliers and more will follow.  Wow Skins (no relation) and a few other creators have some on MP now.

You can wear your Slink hands and feet (which I did in the pics) and just adjust them to match the skin tone.  So, at least you can still use your Slink nail polishes and shoes.  The hands and feet that come with Womeh aren't quite as nice as the Slink, but I'm sure they will keep improving.

Below is an outfit made for Wowmeh by Fashionlicious.  This is on the marketplace for only 5L!  I'm wearing the Wowmeh fitted mesh body and Slink hands and feet with my regular shape and skin here, just like the above pics.

Hair  - !Lamb "Portland" Carrot Cakes Pack

Top & Skirt - Fashionlicious "Princess Maddy Outfit" only 5L on marketplace

Shoes - ZOZ "Tiffany Heels" Dazzling Blue for Slink High Feet

  • Earrings - Glitzz "Single Heart Earrings" Group Gift
  • Bracelet - Xia's Boutique "Small Pearl Bracelet Set" - 3 strands

Make Up 
  • Finger & Toe Nail Polish - ZOZ "Pink Pearl Spring Polish" for Slink
  • Lashes - Glow "Clean 03 Thin & Long"

Prop  Fabuleux "My Lil Easter Bunny" Pink w/pose

Wowmeh V2.6 Fitted Mesh, Headless Body

My Usual Stuff 
  • Eyes - The Skinnery "Lover's Eye" Carribean Blue 
  • Skin - Curves "Lacy" Fair
  • Mesh Hands - Slink "Casual" w/Avatar Enchancement 
  • Mesh Feet - Slink High Feet

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