Monday, March 30, 2015

Dave's Not Here - Lushish Catz Rasta Bikini

Hey Mon LOL, 

Today's post features an exclusive for the Olala Event (starts April 1) from Lushish Catz: The Rasta Bikini.  This is mesh so you can wear it with your classic av or mesh body.  The great thing is the 20 textures you can choose from in the hud - Rasta patterns, pot themed, or solid colors.
The accessories (belly piercing, headbands, and earrings) are new and on sale at the event as well.

The nail polish is a FREE hunt gift at Dark Passions (Koffin Nails). Here's your hint: Look up high.  Sometimes my cats like to hide things in the rafters.  Extra Hint: Rafters are the wooden supports or beams in the ceiling.  To see hints for all the hunt prizes, click here

lushish catz rasta bikini

Hair & Freckles - Soonsiki  "Tumbleweeds" & Odd Beauty Freckles (optional)

Bikini  - Lushish Cats "Rasta" Mesh w/20 Textures Change Hud   Exclusive Olala Event


Make Up
  • Lashes - Redgrave "Eyelashes #20 -Diamond Dust"
  • Nail Polish - Dark Passions "80's Neon Nights" for Slink - FREE Apply Your Body Hunt Gift

Bottom - Bounce This Poses "Sitting"

    • Skin -  MudSkin "Rose, The Bloom" #3, Sunny
    • Mesh Mouth - CR "Nyam Nyam"
    • Mesh Hands - Slink "Casual" w/Avatar Enhancement
    • Mesh Feet - Slink "High" 
    • Mesh Body - Slink "Physique" 
    • Eyes - The Skinnery "Lover's Eye" Carribean Blue 

    Cheech & Chong "Dave's Not Here"

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