Monday, January 18, 2016

Might Be Whiskey - New Genesis Lab Mesh Head @ Kustom9

Hi Dolls,

Today, I'm wearing the new mesh head from Genesis Lab called "Nelly." Lucky for me, I got it quickly in the GACHA at Kustom9, along with the skin applier and eye shadow.  This is a really pretty one.

When I wear the Catwa heads, I feel they make me look too young. In fact, Zep calls me "teeny" when I wear them lol.  I've seen some beautiful photos of bloggers wearing Catwa and Lelutka heads, but I don't know how they get them looking so good and so different from mine.  I like the shape of the Genesis head better and there are no Photoshop tricks here; this is just how it looks.  It doesn't come with the emotions hud like the others though.  I've tried demos of  Logo, TMP, and Gaeline's new heads, but I don't own those.  I actually like the Logo heads a lot so will have to blog those. 

While you can customize all the mesh heads to some degree, I keep going back to my regular avi because that's "me."  I'm sure they will keep getting better and more designers have appliers for make up and skins now to change the look.  I love my standard av look, but I am starting to feel like it looks "newbish" the more I see others wearing mesh heads.  Plus, mesh definitely photographs better.  So, eventually, I guess I will settle on one and customize it to look as much like the "me" I'm used to.  I think most of us just don't like change.  My hubby especially. But, once you get used to the new item, usually you eventually prefer it.  That's always been the case when I change skins or shapes.  Genesis actually has some of their heads on sale now for 50% if you want to try.  


Hair  (Long) - Moon "Tangerine" Gingers

Hair (Updo) - Phoenix  "Vivian Hair" Dark Browns @ Tres Chic 

Dress  - Eyelure "Cami Dress"  Mesh, Black, Mint/Gold, or Pink/Silver, 

Shoes - Bens Boutique "Petra High Heels" for Slink High

  • Necklace - Yummy "Circle Charm - Lotus Bloom" 
  • Hair Flowers - Glam Affair "Romantic Flowers" 


Poses - EvoLove
  • Look There (Couple)
  • Elegant Man (Zephyr)
  • Red Dress (Ginger)
  • Forgetting You (Ginger)



Necklace - Mandala "Dog Tag Necklace" Silver, Unisex

Shorts - Apple May Designs "Work Shorts" Tan


Metallica "Whisky In The Jar"

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