Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Hey Fashion Stars,

I admit it, I'm a Trekkie lol.  So, this post was inspired by the original Star Trek marathon last weekend lol. Plus, I always tease my hubby and call him "Spock" because he is so logical lol.   There are new creations from 5 current, fashion events are featured here.  A couple new ones are Pretty Things (the sexy outfit from Lushish Catz is an Exclusive there) and the pretty eyes are at Twe12ve,  a new monthly event from Evil BunnyDark Passion Koffin Nails has the "Science is Sexy" polish at Whore Couture and I've got some hot shoes and a cool tatt from Shiny Shabby and On9.  The tatt says "Be Brave, Have Courage, Be Strong."



Hair - Crowne "Sydney" Colors

Eyes Mesange "Morgaine Eyes" Beauty Pack @ Twe12ve (Monthly Event starting Sept 12, Themed each month)

Top & Jeans -  Lushish Catz "Kita" Meah, Black, Pink, or Tan @ Pretty Things (Sept 11 - Oct 6)

Necklace - Yummy "Heart Chain Choker"

Tattoo IGOTIT "Motivation" Red @ On9

Make Up


Rob Zombie "Well, Everyone's Fucking In A UFO"

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