Sunday, May 28, 2017

I Want It All

Hello Virtual Land Owners,

Here's a bunch of amazing creations from the RFL Home and Garden Expo  2017.

1)  House -  By  Dorian  "Lazy Days Cottage" is located HERE on Sim 4. This lovely home is perfect for narrow but long land.  It has a nice deck in back and side and front porches.  It comes rezz boxed for easy set up and has working blinds, lights, and  windows. Almost all parts can be tinted how you like. Land Impact = 44 and event price is 1000L.

Picnic Area Sahi Designs is a fabulous designer with all kinds of goodies at Hope 1 -RFL , including the "Summer Picnic Garden Set."  Tons of fun  is included in this and it comes rezz boxed:   Garden Shack, trees, picnic table and benches with food, cooler with drinks, blanket, grill with food and smoke menu, and some furry friends (fox, rabbit, squirrels).   The Adult version is 2000L, PG is 1250L.  This is really well done with lots of detail that you can see in the close-up shots below.    The shack has items inside and outside and even a menu to hide the gnome or watering, if you like.

3)  Greenhouse & Potting Table  Outside The Box (OTB) (direct SLURL) makes the lovely "Shabby Greenhouse" and "Potting Table."   The detail on these is exquisite from the worn wood and wallpaper to the potted plants inside and outdoor water spicket and pail.   The table has hanging garden tools, bag of soil, empty pots, and a carton of plants ready for planting.

4)  Landscaping

  • A Next to greenhouse, is the birch tree with hydrangea flower bed bordered with bricks.  There are more, realistic items like this by Exquisite Eye Decor (EED) at the event.   
  • B)  I put some flowers from T-Spot Mesh around the house:  "Erodium" Flower patches for groundcover and  taller, "Flower Sticks" behind it.   These items are all full perm.
  • C)  House of Papillon  is the creator of Papillon Breedables and makes some other, unique items including the the "Catnip Basket Fairy Shlter" that includes the flowers basket and kitty.  

Hell or High Water "I Want It All"


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