Saturday, July 30, 2016

Simple Kind of Life

Hello Cookies,

Still wishing for that simple life...a happy home with a good man I really love.  Sighs.  Without the mop though lol.   This adorable, little kitchen is courtesy of Irrie's Dollhouse, which sells all kinds of vintage goodies.  If you look close, you can see Grandma baking cookies on the calendar and a sign saying "When in doubt, bake cookies."  There's an apple shaped cookie jar too.  Gotta love SL - lots of cookies and you can still look hot lol.

Tameless has this great hair at Hair Fair 2016 now and the whole outfit, earrings and shoes too, are by Apple Heart Inc. and all cute!

HairTameless "Saskia" Naturals w/ texture change for accessory @ Hair Fair 2016
Complete Outfitt Apple Heart Inc - Knotted Tank, Mesh Leggings, Sandals, Earrings 

Tattoo Nylon Outfitters (NO) "rOBIN"

Props Irrie's Dollhouse "Grandmother's Kitchen" Fridge, Cookies Sign, Apple Cookie Jar, Stove, Step Stool, Apron, Calendar

Pose - Di's Opera "Royal"

  • Mesh Hands - Slink "Casual"
  • Mesh  Feet - Slink "High"
 No Doubt "Simple Kind of Life"

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