Monday, July 13, 2015

(S)Ain't - AFI, K-Otic ZOZ, Lamb

Hey Bad Girls,

Check out this amazing catsuit from AFI called "Sinner."  I'm wearing white but it also comes in black.  Both have regular clothing layers and appliers for Omega and Slink.   A little dark and sexy too.

NOTE - Sorry K-Otic has now pulled the the "Diamond Chest" cross piercing so it is no longer available.  Sorry!   The ones for ankles, and belly w/color/metal change huds and are on sale at The Black Dot Project July 10-30.

ZOZ has a new polish, with little crowns on it, out for this round of The Cosmopolitan Sales Room July 5-18.  

Finally, this is my new favorite hair, just one of many I snagged at the Hair Fair 2015.  

Hair Lamb "Crave You" Ginger Pack @ Hair Fair 2015

Catsuit - AFI "Sinner" White w/Slink Physique and Omega appliers, regular clothing layers

  • Choker Ryca "LHG Platinum"
  • Bracelets - K-Otic  "Purity Cross Bracelet"
  • Bridge Piercing - K-Otic "Bridged"
  • Cross Piercings - K-Otic "Mystic Diamond" (chest piercing no longer available) @ Black Dot Project - July 10-30
  • Rings - Diamante "Edge Rings" 

Make Up

Marilyn Manson "(S)Ain't"

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